The Naughty Dog

Petra and Gwil opened a roastery in October 2018. They wanted to move on, learn new things and deepen their coffee knowledge which they pass on coffee courses. The opportunity to influence the taste not only by preparing coffee, but also by roasting attracted them incredibly. Scott Rao, who helped them a lot in their early days and taught Gwilym roasting.They named the roastery The naughty dog because they have two naughty dachshunds that accompany them everywhere. And also because they wanted a cheerful, playful and original name.


Our team



Gwilym has one of the most important roles in the roastery, he roasts for youThe best coffee. His dream is to roast cocoa beans and make chocolate one day. He mainly drinks filtered coffee, preferring coffee from Ethiopia.



Petra is in charge of the selection of green coffee and she enjoys it a lot. She alsocontrols the quality of roasted coffee and organizes all naughty dachshunds and The whole naughty team. She loves natural coffee, mostly from Colombia and Ethiopia.



She first encountered coffee culture during her travels around Australia. After returning to the Czech Republic, she wanted to know more about coffee and started working in a cafe Periferie in Braník and she was regularly educated on our courses.



Marcus prepares orders, packs packages carefully and is in charge of the whole logistics of roasted coffee. He loves coffee in any form. When he's not roasting with us he plays drums with his band



Ondra takes care of the whole operation of the warehouse, from green to roasted coffee. He packs roasted coffee and generally provides the technical background and operation of the roastery. If he's not in the roastery, he works as a programmer and loves to ride a bike.


Jenny & Mája

The cutest members of the team are our two dachshunds - Jenny and Mája. They are posingin the photos, they are papayas, and they prefer to hang out on jute bagsgreen coffee. And most importantly! They help maintain a good mood in the roastery, which is always welcomed


Our coffee

Jennys Barrel Coffee


Brazil Caixa Da Fruta


Ethiopia Odaco


Unicorn 6 Blend


Costa Rica Candelilla


Ethiopia Alemayehu Daniel


Ethiopia Bensa Damo


Guatemala El Puente


Guatemala El Buho


Kenya Muthutini


Colombia Inza


El Salvador Los Naranjos


Rwanda Gatebe - Spring Special


Colombia Huila - Decaf


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Coffee trainings

How is coffee grown, where does it grow, how is it processed or roasted? Howto prepare it at home or in a cafe? We teach this and many other interesting things and skills at our coffee training courses in Jílové. Petra opened the training center in 2008. She trained a number of well-known baristas, but alsoa lot of home enthusiasts. Together with Gwilym, they devoted themselves to thecourses for many years. Now they spend more time in the roastery, which is why Šárka and Hanka help them. They are in charge of running the training center and conduct several trainings per week. So don't hesitate and join us on the coffee journey from the plantation to the cup.

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